We believe it is important to be transparent about every step of our production process, therefore we created our 7-step seed to shelf traceability process

  • 1


    We provide you with only the best organically grown hemp from our farm in Colorado.

  • 2


    Our GMP facility extracts the full spectrum oils from the plant using Co2.

  • 3


    All products go through an extensive cleaning process to ensure optimal quality.

  • 4


    Mix all of the organic ingredients to make the final product that you will use.

  • 5


    Test batch of each product being made.

  • 6

    Third Party Test

    Send final product out for testing once it arrives to our distribution warehouse.

  • 7


    Ship directly to your door for you to unlock the power of plant-based remedies.

Why the name Jasper?

We believe in safety, transparency, and education to help support a healthy endocannabinoid system.

We chose to name our company Jasper organics after the ancient Jasper stone. Jasper has been prized for over 7000 years as a physical, emotional, and spiritual healing stone and has been referenced in historical literature in nearly every civilization.

Often called the "Supreme Nurturer" because of its healing, strengthening, and comforting vibration, this esteemed stone from the quartz family was crafted into talismans, signet rings, seals, and more. It was widely used by shamans, priests, warriors, and kings as protection from both spiritual and physical maladies.

We believe Jasper perfectly embodies the spirit of the hemp plant. It too, has a long history of healing that dates back thousands of years. And like the Jasper stone, its nurturing abilities provide many benefits to the body, mind, and spirit.