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Daybreak Roll On


Stressed in the morning? Can't seem to get the day going? Having a hard time staying focused? Been there. Done that. Totally over it. Our topical CBD roll-on promotes mental stability and overall well-being to help you start your day off right. Experience the benefits of frankincense + white fir + 100mg of CBD as you go about your daily routine being the best version of you that you can be.

Made with 100% USA grown hemp from domestically-grown, happy lil’ hemp plants that grow on our farm in Colorado.

Pairs Well With:
  • A drawer in your office desk (yes, the one with the secret snacks)
  • Your morning routine
  • The 5th hour of studying for finals

All of Jasper's organic hemp extract is lab-tested by an independent 3rd party lab to assure the final product is of integrity, consistency, and free of contaminants and heavy metals.

500mg CBD Oil Lab Test
1000mg CBD Oil Lab Test
1500mg CBD Oil Lab Test

See product test results by batch number:


Product review by Ministry of Hemp

The Ministry of Hemp reviewed our Focus CBD oil, they did an independent product test along with a third party lab test.

Click here to see review

Download test results here


What's Inside?

Jojoba Oil, Vetiver, Lavender, Frankincense, White Fir, 100 MG CBD.

CBD essential oil roller
How to use CBD roller

How to use

Apply on neck, chest, and forearms as needed throughout the day.

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