Terpenes may not be as well known as THC and CBD, but when it comes to getting hemp to work for you, they’re just as important. Here’s why.

“Is cannabis merely a crude vehicle for delivery of [cannabinoids]? Might it rather display herbal synergy [...]?”
- Dr. Ethan Russo, “Taming THC”

We humans like to simplify and dualize things. Left, right...up, down...this, that. With cannabis it’s easy to view things from an equally dualistic perspective: psychoactive vs. non-psychoactive...THC vs. CBD...et cetera, et cetera. 

But there’s more to hemp — which is really just CBD-rich cannabis — than meets the eye. Much more. Hemp actually contains over 300 unique plant compounds. And over a hundred of these compounds belong to a class of molecules called terpenes. Far from negating each other, terpenes synergize to help CBD itself work better. 

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are small scent molecules that give many plants and herbs their characteristic scents. Even some insects create their own terpenes. Terpenes are also very volatile, which means they evaporate easily...often into the noses of their admirers.

And terpenes do more than just smell good. Scientists have gathered an enormous amount of data on the nearly endless health benefits of terpenes. Allergy and asthma relief? Check. Reduced risk of age-related disease? Check. Calming after effects? Check. At the heart of all these benefits is a concept that’s actually pretty simple...more on this concept next. 

The Health Benefits of Terpenes

So, what do terpenes do? They reduce chronic inflammation and oxidation. They also help your metabolism (aka the way your body generates its energy) become more efficient. How they do all this is complex, but it seems to start with the upregulation of fat-burning and downregulation of sugar-burning. 

And fat metabolism, of course, is a “cleaner-burning” pathway than anything else, generating fewer free radicals and AGE’s (that’s an acronym, but these substances really might make you age). Think of terpenes as nature’s version of antioxidant supplements.

The Terpenes in Hemp 

The health benefits of terpenes are impressive enough when viewed in isolation. But when you combine hundreds of terpenes, hundreds of cannabinoids, and everything else found in full spectrum hemp...things get really exciting. 

Terpenes like limonene, pinene, myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool are thought to be some of the biggest contributors to hemp’s entourage effect. That means they help CBD itself work better and absorb more fully. 

Specific Terpenes = Specific Effects 

By adding specific terpenes to hemp’s pre-existing blends, one can get access to specific effects. 

Have you been feeling stressed recently? If so, no worries...you’re definitely not alone. But terpenes could help. Linalool, also known as the lavender terpene, is powerfully calming — and so is CBD, in fact. Combine the two and good things happen. 

We decided to harness the power of terpenes in several different innovative formulas. Our Daybreak Roll On features energizing frankincense alongside its CBD content to help you start the day right; our geranium & chamomile-infused Restful CBD Roll On makes unwinding at the end of a long day easy. 

If there’s a weak spot in your daily routine, these specialized products could help. Feel free to try out different blends to find what works best for you!

Thomas Wrona

Thomas Wrona

Copywriter for Jasper Organics and lifelong wellness enthusiast

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