Relief: It’s Only a Bottle Away

Got aches and pains? If so, this is the CBD oil for you. Ultra-strong and ultra-effective, here’s what you need to know to safely and successfully incorporate it into your routine.

Practically any amount of CBD is amazing. A single microdose of the stuff can deliver truly macro results...on the flip side, even those who take tons of CBD don’t need to worry about overdosing. 

If you find yourself craving the full power of CBD, though, this formula’s for you. Our Relief oil takes CBD’s natural plant power and places 1,500 milligrams of it in a single tincture bottle. Designed for those with aches, pains, or more severe health problems, our Relief CBD Oil is the plant-powered solution you’ve been looking for.

Goes Well With 

  • Just ya know… life in general
  • Aches, joint pain, and physical ailments
  • Recovering from intense workout sessions
  • Staying hopeful throughout the stressful points of life
  • P.S. you can in fact, enjoy Relief even if you skip the gym two weeks in a row


  • Not trying Relief oil
  • Using Relief when you don’t need ultra-powerful CBD
  • Taking Relief oil inconsistently (instead, try to give your body a steady baseline!)
  • Taking too much Relief oil (according to recent research, taking 5+ liters of it at any one time may be dangerous)

Additional Details 

At the heart of Relief Oil’s health benefits is its industry-leading hemp. It’s true: our hemp is grown by Colorado’s best farmers, using only the best organic growing practices. 

Rich in concentrated cannabinoids and targeted terpenes (myrcene, limonene, and linalool, to name just a few), Relief might just allow your body to escape whatever’s been slowing you down. But there’s only one way to find out...

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