New Year, New Wellness Routine

It’s almost a new year! With the New Year comes new goals and new aspirations — and even a new wellness routine. Here are 6 unique ways you can incorporate CBD into your 2020 wellness routine. 

While any new year is a great time to begin again, this year seems even more alluring than usual. Why? It could be 2020’s picture-perfect numerical structure ... #2020vision - can it get any better than that?!

Chances are you already have a new vision set out for yourself this next year. Maybe you want to get into better shape than ever before...maybe you want to spend more time with your family... maybe you want to build your business. Maybe you’re going to attempt all of the above all at once!

This may all sound challenging, but the right wellness routine can help. Goal-setters and go-getters, take note — here are six ways you can use CBD to transform your personal wellness routine for 2020.

1. Bring Your CBD to The Gym

Wanna get hyped up before your next workout? If so, you may want to take a look at our Daybreak Roll-On. With ingredients like jojoba oil, lavender, and frankincense, it’s been designed to make focusing your energy oh so easy. 

Did we mention that CBD content helps ensure your gym time is pain and inflammation-free?

2. Stick To a Bedtime Routine

    You know the old saying, “CBD before bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise”?

    OK maybe we made that up, but we’re pretty sure it should be a thing. CBD can help structure your bedtime routine, which in turn can help you wake up feeling refreshed! 

    How you take your CBD isn’t that important— you might place a few drops under your tongue or treat yourself to a CBD-infused self-massage. What matters is consistency. Give yourself 10 minutes every night before bed that is phone-free and all about you.

    3. Shower Essentials 

    Can you think of anything more relaxing than a long hot shower?

    We can: a long, hot shower with some CBD. It’s as simple as adding a few drops of oil to your conditioner! The water’s steam will help the CBD penetrate your hair follicles, leaving your hair silkier than ever. Say hello to your new 2020 ‘do.

    4. Step Up Your Vitamin Game

      If you enjoy being different, this one’s for you. Most people take their CBD in, well, CBD oil form. You can stand out by using our CBD capsules instead! They make taking the perfect daily dose easy. Add a few of them into your morning supplement routine to stay in balance throughout the day.

      5. Get Cooking

      They say abs are made in the kitchen, for those interested in such things.

      For the rest of us, health and homeostasis are made in the kitchen, too. And given you already take time and effort to cook healthy meals, why not level up even further by throwing a few drops of CBD oil into your favorite recipes?

      (Those in need of CBD-infused recipes can click here!) 

      6. Include your pet! 

      Chances are you already include your pet in many of your other day-to-day activities — could your CBD routine be next? Your furry friend can benefit from CBD just like you can, so feel free to give them a few drops of pet-specific CBD. If they suffer from pain, inflammation, or separation anxiety, its benefits can be nothing short of amazing.

      The Catalyst

      Optimize your wellness routine, and your 2020 goals will become that much easier to reach. Even if you don’t feel optimal yet, there’s still plenty of hope. CBD could be the perfect catalyst to help you get there!

      New Year, New Wellness Routine

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