Is CBD a perfect addition to Physical Therapy?

If we can be honest for a moment...most of us aren't in the same shape we used to be in. 

Think about the aftereffects of illness, injury, or just the slow pull of aging...they're all things that can take us farther and farther from where we want to be healthwise.

But those things are no longer to be feared: CBD might be just the thing to empower your journey back to good health. Research shows it's anti-inflammatory [1], analgesic [2], anxiolytic [3], antioxidant [4], and antiemetic [5].

Customers report the same things: less inflammation, relieved pain, reduced anxiety, faster recovery, and better digestion.

Of course, the science on CBD is far from completely settled, and its many potential uses are far from being fully validated. It's also clear that sometimes more than CBD alone is needed; in the case of resolving structural imbalances or muscular injuries, for example.

The Role of Physical Therapy

That's exactly where physical therapy comes in. Much like the booming nutraceutical industry where CBD finds itself, physical therapy is growing in popularity — and both trends will likely continue. 

In a nutshell, physical therapy is prized because of its effectiveness as both rehabilitation from injuries ...and pre-habilitation to prevent them. Those who do physical therapy are consciously subscribing to an old-made-new approach: the approach of working with the body, not against it, to help it heal itself.

But physical therapy is hard work. It can be painful, stressful, mentally challenging...or some combination of all of the above. Physical therapy involves getting unstuck and making changes to one’s actual physical structure — in some cases, changes that correct imbalances a person’s had since birth.  

The Role of CBD

Now for some good news: fostering the biochemical basis for such a renewal is exactly what CBD does best.

Interestingly enough, in some cases physical therapy and supplemental CBD work through the same mechanism. It's called the human endocannabinoid system!

That might sound like a stretch...but picture the following scenario for a second. You know that exuberant feeling you might get post-therapy-session, or even post-workout? Well, that's the same feeling that you're likely to get from CBD. Why? Because many activities we know and love for their health benefits act through their ability to raise internal cannabinoid levels. 

Move over band-aid solutions — it's time you met CBD.

Bringing Theory to Practice

So, how to best combine physical therapy with CBD supplementation? There are a few good ways! 

The easiest and simplest technique revolves around one word: simplicity. Simply take a set amount of CBD oil every day, preferably at the same time each day, in order to gently reduce inflammation and restore balance. Some people may do best with 8 milligrams a day (that equates to one full dropper of our lowest strength product), while others may require much more (we have higher strength products, too!). In general, the more pain and inflammation their body is experiencing, the more CBD they’ll need to compensate. 

 Those who want to attain even more relief may find their solution with conjunctive dosing strategies. In other words, combining tincture and topical use, CBD oil and essential oils, etc. 

There’s some evidence that CBD applied topically may increase bloodflow (for all you biochem majors out there, endocannabinoids and nitric oxide signaling are closely tied) may also reduce the nociceptive pain that often comes with intense therapy sessions. If you want to optimize your next session, consider applying a CBD topical to problem areas 1-2 hours beforehand.

Overall, the journey to better health is one that’s meant to be enjoyed. Just as you and your physical therapist may take some time to identify the best therapy routine, your CBD routine might take some time to reveal itself to you. 

And that’s okay...after all, the benefits of both practices are more than worth it. Patients are dropping dependencies (even those of the opioid variety!) and regaining mobility as we speak. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take every opportunity to join them — and consider giving CBD a try. 


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