How the Jasper Team Uses CBD

Long before we ever started providing CBD to others, the Jasper Organics team has felt its impact on our own lives.

We’ve experienced firsthand how CBD improves our workouts and workflows...our daily and nightly rituals...and all sorts of stuff in between. It’s because of these experiences that we’re such firm believers in plant-based remedies. Sharing hemp’s goodness with others just felt like the natural thing to do!

So we thought it was time to share how we use CBD in our daily routines, in the hopes that you can pick up some ideas on how to incorporate hemp products into your own! Now, let’s meet the team…

Co-Founders, Ryan & Abby Collett

Ryan & Abby Collett


Favorite products:

“I have prior back injuries from my childhood in motocross and snowboarding, so I wake up with back pain almost daily. I use the CBD Lotion every morning to get my joints moving again! I then take the Relax CBD Oil to start off my day. It helps relieve any potential pain throughout the day, and also helps me boost my immune system and stay healthy.” 


Favorite products: 

“I am a mother of two energetic little dudes, one who doesn't like me to get any sleep at night lol. So the Restful Roll On helps me relax after a long day and wind down at night to try and get some rest. We live in the Midwest, so in the winter our hands get really dry and cracked...I use the CBD lotion every day to prevent my hands from getting dry and damaged, it's a godsend.”

Jessie Bosley, Brand & Content Strategist

Jessie Bosley, Jasper Organics

Favorite product:

“I'm a pretty active person, so I constantly have aches + pains from my workouts! Since I'm a big fan of holistic remedies for my health, I definitely wanted to give hemp products a try. Over the past few years I have tried out several different CBD salves & lotions but none have ever really worked for me. The Body Lotion has been a godsend — it works almost instantly and legitimately takes my pain away for hours.”

Brynn, Graphic Designer

Favorite product:

“I’m obsessed with this CBD Hemp Oil! As a graphic designer working mostly for myself, I take on a lot of work and get stressed easily. Most of my stress builds up a lot of knots in my back and doesn’t mix well with scoliosis. Taking a few drops of the hemp oil releases a little pain and also calms my mind after a long day of work. I also climb a lot of mountains out here in Colorado, and it’s perfect on my sore muscles after a long hike!”

Niko Fonseca, E-Commerce Manager

Niko Fonseca - Jasper Organics

Favorite products:

“I love using the Relief CBD Oil first thing in the morning with my coffee. It kick starts my day and helps me deal with constant back pain. I use the Body Lotion for muscle recovery after working out or an intense soccer match.”

Thomas Wrona, Copywriter

Thomas Wrona

Favorite product:

“As a former pro athlete, I'm finally trying to get my fitness levels back turns out CBD is a pretty great ally. Just using Relax Oil consistently seems to help with muscle soreness, whether it’s from biking or hiking or powerlifting. This CBD Oil is also great for calming down the mind, which might otherwise be on a quest to distract & prevent me from writing!”


Favorite product:

That’s right. You’re part of our team, too — if you want to experience CBD for yourself, at least! We’ve found it’s quite the catalyst for virtually anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

And while CBD isn’t the only piece of the wellness puzzle, take our word for it: it makes taking those critical first steps easier than ever.

Thomas Wrona

Thomas Wrona

Copywriter for Jasper Organics and lifelong wellness enthusiast

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