Got Focus?

Interested in taking CBD to help your brain function its best? Then try Focus! It’s been designed specifically with the cognitive enthusiast in mind. 

Let’s face it: CBD is good for a lot of different things. Its benefits seem so universal that figuring out how much to take, when to take it, and what to take it for can be confusing!

That’s exactly why we at Jasper Organics have made the Focus CBD Oil. It’s a premium product specifically made for those looking to optimize their mental function, especially while maintaining a busy schedule. This aptly-named CBD oil contains 500 milligrams of active cannabidiol per bottle — enough to heighten your mental energy without any drowsy side effects. Students, professionals, biohackers… enjoy!

Goes Well With 

  • Good vibes
  • Mentally-demanding work
  • Cramming for your next test
  • Just generally adulting and navigating  day-to-day life
  • That meeting you had with your Boss (you know, the one which could’ve been handled with an email) 


  • Not trying Focus oil
  • Not capitalizing on it’s well, focus-inducing effects
  • Taking Focus oil inconsistently (instead try to give your body a steady baseline)
  • Taking too much Focus oil (according to recent research, taking 15+ liters of it at any one time may be dangerous)

Additional Details 

At the heart of Focus Oil’s health benefits is its premium hemp. Rich in powerful cannabinoids and targeted terpenes (myrcene, limonene, and linalool, to name just a few), Focus might just energize your mind in a way that fulfills its telltale name.

Focus CBD Oil

Thomas Wrona

Thomas Wrona

Copywriter for Jasper Organics and lifelong wellness enthusiast

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