Give Thanks: Practicing Self-Gratitude During the Holidays

Thanksgiving: is there any holiday like it — a holiday that focuses more on a feeling than on an actual event?

Maybe not, and that’s okay. Because at the heart of Thanksgiving is one of the most important feelings out there...thankfulness.

Thanksgiving was first named a US holiday in 1863. Fast forward to today and the concept remains the same: it’s important to feel — and be — truly thankful. 

Celebrate You!

Just think of all the awesome things you’ve done this year.

Maybe you landed a dream job or started your own business...maybe you simply took a step back this year to enjoy more time with your family. On the other hand, maybe you went through some tough stuff — but even in the worst case scenario, you got through it intact and with lessons learned.

And while life isn’t about doing, we at Jasper Organics challenge you to show yourself some love and gratitude for everything you’ve accomplished in 2019. You rock!

A Self-Care Catalyst

CBD could be just the catalyst needed to fully enjoy things — and level up. Now’s the perfect time of the year to slow down a add a few drops of our CBD oil to a steaming cup of tea, run a warm bath, and immerse yourself fully in self-gratitude. Take a step back, and you might just find yourself taking a quantum leap forward.

On another note, those who anticipate dealing with less-than-perfect social circles this Thanksgiving can look to CBD to help them get through the stress. It’s certainly not easy having to catch up with that distant great-aunt who you never saw eye-to-eye with.

Now that we’re on the cusp of 2020 (where did the year go?!?), things seem poised to get even better. With the new year comes new possibilities, new potentials, a new & improved lifestyle. Just don’t forget to practice much-needed self-gratitude to help you get through it all. Are you ready?

Want to go the extra mile? If you enjoyed that CBD-supported warm bath, we’ve got a self-care kit you might like even more. And with enough time spent rebooting in self-gratitude, you might even feel inspired to get one for a loved one.

Give Thanks: Practicing Self-Gratitude During the Holidays

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