CBD + MX = Max Performance

Aches, pains, injuries.

If you’re a motocross rider, it’s only a matter of time until any (or all!) of the above tries to slow you down. 

And even the toughest MXer’s can only take so much wear and tear. You might’ve been born to ride, but your joints and ligaments probably weren’t made to put up with constant jarring. Not to mention bigger risks like head trauma or spinal injuries. Science is just waking up to the fact that even non-concussive head injuries can be devastating farther down the road. 

Despite all this...motocross is still worth it. And there’s a new supplement out that could safeguard you from your favorite sport’s potential dangers: a plant compound called CBD. 

CBD has taken the world by storm in recent years, and it’s just now making its way into the world of action sports, too. What is it? Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a plant-derived compound that may help the body regenerate and remain in balance. 

Benefits like balance and homeostasis are impressive enough, but some of CBD’s other qualities seem almost tailor-made for extreme athletes. Let’s take a look at four of the biggest ones! 

#1: CBD is anti-inflammatory

Forget the aspirin and NSAIDS; try cannabidiol! Some studies indicate that cannabinoids (like  CBD) may reduce inflammation dozens of times more powerfully than aspirin

If rugged trail riding has you feeling worn down and inflamed, CBD might be just the antidote. While the compound can be ingested for continual benefits, hardcore motocross riders may want to apply CBD topically for targeted relief. 

Reduced inflammation also means you’ll be able to recover faster between sessions. It may even be associated with reduced risk of disease as time goes on. But don’t just take our word for it — the US government’s brightest researchers have historically agreed.    

#2: CBD may reduce pain

This benefit is actually a little different than the first one. How so? Pain can be thought of as the body’s perception of its inflammatory status, rather than the actual status itself. 

Thankfully, CBD doesn’t discriminate between the two. It targets ‘pain receptors’ in the TRPV1 system just as powerfully as it reduces inflammation.  That means you might find yourself able to push through previous barriers — without doing damage to your body.  

Pain relief also benefits an athlete’s mental health. It’s tough to feel good about motocross (or about anything else, for that matter!) if you’re in severe pain. It that’s you, CBD might just be the thing your body needs to feel free again. 

#3: CBD may uplift one’s outlook

This benefit is harder to measure than the first two, maybe, but no less accurate. Early research on the topic shows that CBD may promote the growth of new brain cells and help one think more flexibly. 

Could this have indirect effects on sports performance? Probably so. And while it’s too early to say for sure, Dean Wilson’s recent approval of CBD is pretty telling. Like many others, he’s noticed that CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety. Not surprising for a substance that favorably ‘rewires’ the brain. 

#4: CBD can help athletes relax

Elite athletes are marked by one especially interesting quality: the ability to flip a mental switch and turn ‘on’ or ‘off’ when their sports performance demands it. Elite athletes are pros at getting into the zone... and staying there until the battle is over and the race is won. 

Could CBD help with this type of focus? Some research answers with a pretty subtle yes...though more data is needed. 

What CBD could definitely help with is flipping that metaphorical switch ‘off’... and helping athletes relax post-race. For this type of gentle effect, you’ll want to opt for a sublingual CBD oil and take it consistently. Nothing’s better when it comes to washing away stress hormones and helping one feel relaxed. Nothing natural, at least! 

Are you ready to reach optimal performance with CBD? If so, we’re making it easier than ever to get started. Discover what countless motocross riders already have by trying out CBD for yourself.

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