4 Myths About CBD That We Must Bust Today

In the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz in print & digital media on the subject of hemp. Therefore, it is baffling to identify what information is valuable and genuine from all the half-baked hype surrounding CBD.

So, to sort things out at least a bit, here in this post, we’ve rounded up five prevalent myths about CBD oil while illustrating why you just need to overlook them:-

Myth 1: Hemp Oil Can Get You High 

This is unarguably the biggest lie associated with hemp oil. Most people with layman knowledge about CBD consider the hemp oil as a part of the marijuana family, so its consumption can get you on a high.

However, one substantial difference between marijuana and hemp is that the latter is free of THC, or below 0.3% THC. So, as the CBD that doesn’t have high THC, you won’t experience the psychoactive effects.

Several pieces of research in the recent past suggest that cannabidiol CBD oil exhibits anti-anxiety properties, thus relieving people with varied mental disorders.

 Myth 2: CBD Oil is Addictive

Have you dropped the prospect of trying cannabis, just because someone told you that CBD oil is addictive?

This is a complete myth hemp oil is addictive in nature. The CBD interacts with the body functioning as a supplement, unlike the marijuana drug. For example, you can frequently have melatonin to help with insomnia without turning into an addict.

Myth 3: All CBD Products Are Equal

Just like in the pharmaceutical industry, the results of CBD products are differing from one manufacturer to another. The hemp oil production involves a variety of complex stages, and each company has its own protocol regarding its growth, extraction, and storage.  

Going one step further, the hemp plant is found in the diverse geographical locations and are exposed to the compounds present in the local soil that alters the properties of the end product.

Myth 4: CBD Treats Everybody

As you are new to the world of the CBD, it is imperative to watch out for claims. A matter of truth, the results of CBD vary from one individual to another. 

One patient will tell you CBD was helpful in diminishing the visibility of her acne and scars, while someone rates hemp oil merely a squandering of money. 

Consult your doctor to get a better insight into your course of treatment.  Many use CBD oil as an added medicine while others solely rely on this alternative treatment. 


"That is not a drug. It's a leaf"- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Any other myth did you come across recently for CBD? Share with us in the comments section of this blog-we’ll help you know the truth!

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