4 Health Benefits of CBD You Must know in 2019

CBD is an active ingredient that belongs to the family of marijuana extracted from the Hemp plant and is believed to have a multitude of health benefits. This is the reason Cannabis is popularly termed as a miracle compound with enormous popularity, especially in the US. 

Here, we take a look at the compelling health benefits of this hemp oil backed by science:-

  • Combat Anxiety and Depression

    Researchers across the globe are working on the possibility of CBD as an alternative medicine to help people with anxiety attacks and even severe cases of depression.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse conducted a long-study and the results are in favor of CBD, as it discovered that hemp oil is helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, and control the elevated heart rate. 

    Many other studies discovered CBD to be an effective remedy for insomnia or any sort of social anxiety. 

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  • Reducing Acne and Scars
  • Nowadays, the CBD is available in the form of make-up creams, and are safe to be applied directly to the face. 

    But, is it really worth it? 

    A study done by Dr. Tamas Biro found that CBD interacts with the skin to reduce anandamide and oil produced by the cells to reduce the effect of acne. 

    Not only decrease the visibility of existing pimples, but also thwart the formation of new ones.  

  • Helps Patients With Diabetes
  • Shockingly, WHO reported 1.6 million deaths worldwide linked to diabetes. 

    A recent study stated that CBD decreases the occurrence of diabetes by a significant number of 56%. Also, CBD protects the heart from damage due to excessive glucose in the body. 

    Type-2 diabetes is often linked to obesity, because of the degranulation of the endocannabinoid system with high levels of glucose in the body. CBD is proven to be helpful in maintaining body balance, a study reported. 

  • Epilepsy
  • The US FDA has actually made the use of CBD to treat Epilepsy, legal. However, CBD can only be provided orally to patients with Lennox-Guastaut and  Dravet syndrome.

    How To Use CBD?

    Today, CBD is there in the global market in diverse forms, right from creams, drinks to CBD oil drops, and much more. You can inhale it, drink it, or apply to the skin. 

    When & how to use-must be examined thoughtfully by consulting your family doctor. 

    The dosage of CBD oil may vary from one individual to another. It is highly advisable, to begin with, a small dose-, see how the body reacts- and then incrementally raise the dose.

       Let’s Wrap Up

      Make sure you buy the best quality, safe hemp oil by adhering to the below-mentioned thumb rules:-

      •  Read authentic CBD Oil Reviews
      •  Be Skeptical Of Health Claims
      •  Avoid Additives
      •  Consider Price
      •  Avoid high THC-based products

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